Who’s On Your Network?

Find out before it is too late

  • Wide Spectrum Device Discovery and Control

    Discover all wired and wireless IP-based devices on your network, and prevent unauthorized access with programmable device-based policies.

  • Application Visualization and Usage Management

    Protect your network from compromising applications with automatic traffic and permissions monitoring.

  • Behavioral Malware Detection

    Deep analysis of all internal network traffic keeps your organization’s data away from cyber criminals by discovering malware and preventing future intrusions.

Device Visibility and Control Are a Few Clicks Away

Gain full network visibility. iNetSec discovers all the devices on your network, both wireless and wired, such as mobile phones, tablets, Windows, Mac, APs, VoIP phones and network appliances, and with its extensive device dictionary it automatically classifies them granularly. It gives you full control to decide who and what can be on your network by enforcing network access policies to whitelist and blacklist devices and to onboard BYOD via customizable captive portal.

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“It was pretty intuitive; it took me maybe 20 minutes to load it onto a new server and set it up.”

Vic Lazzarevich | CTO, CBX Technologies, Inc.

Behavioral APT Malware Protection

iNetSec automatically detects and immediately blocks advanced persistent threat (APT) malware attacks orchestrated by C&C servers designed to steal data from corporate networks. iNetSec Smart Finder is deployed inside the network perimeter. It is based on pure behavioral analysis and correlation of the internal network lateral traffic, inbound traffic, and outbound traffic. iNetSec is able to detect and block devices infected by remote access Trojans (RATs), preventing theft of your data.

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“It monitors all the application usage on our network, peer-to-peer, file sharing, malware … and this device allows us to do that for a really attractive price.”

John Roberts | Director of IT, Benson Hospital

Full Application Usage Visibility and Control

iNetSec actively detects applications running on the network and displays their usage per each network connected device, allowing IT departments to better manage data flow and security, and ensure performance for critical business functions. iNetSec allows you to identify unusual activities including internal network p2p communications, and prohibit unwanted applications with VLAN-based policies.

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