• IoT - 20.8 billion devices connected by 2020 - Gartner
  • by 2018, two-thirds of enterprises will experience IoT security breaches - IDC
  • 74% of breaches originate within the extended enterprise - CITI
  • Over Half a Billion Personal Records Were Stolen or Lost in 2015 - Symantec

Secure Your Corporate Network with iNetSec


Discover and identify all network connected devices, both wired and wireless, both personal and corporate and even their application usage activities, with no agent installed.


Allow or deny devices to access your network and VLANs based on your easy-to built security policies, and be notified of any unwanted activity.


Block unapproved, rogue and non-compliant devices that you don’t want on your network or that are using unwanted applications. Stop devices that are compromised by RAT malware and involved in APT attacks.

  • The iNetSec appliance has been an added layer of security for us, providing the behavior based security solution. We have experienced its highly secure awareness; it is phenomenal! —Pablo Gallegos, CA Fair Plan
  • A continuous network inventory is essential to securely managing our networks. Peace of mind is knowing what’s on our network, even when we’re sleeping. —John Harney, LVDC

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iNetSec gives you full control to decide who and what can be on your network by enforcing network access policies to whitelist and blacklist devices and to onboard BYOD via customizable captive portal.

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