The integrated solution offers enhanced protection by combining the capabilities of FireEye NX and iNetSec Smart Finder.

When FireEye NX detects malware, customers can isolate the infected machine as well as automatically prevent further device infection, stopping lateral movement. Based on FireEye alerts, iNetSec Smart Finder can block lateral communications between infected machines, stopping machine-to-machine communications within the enterprise environment.

“PFU’s innovative network device management and internal network scan is the ideal fit with our advanced threat detection,” said Ed Barry, VP of technology alliances at FireEye.  “Today, many customers rely on PFU Systems for its real-time integrated network security solutions.  With this integration, enterprise customers have a stronger ability to shield themselves from advanced attacks.”

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Integrated solutions with VMware further protect enterprise networks and corporate devices against east-west attacks and the spreading of advanced malware in the corporate network from device to device. iNetSec Virtual Appliance (VA) runs on VMWare vSphere native OS, and leverages the leading cloud environment platform’s performance, availability, and efficiency.

Featuring vMotion, iNetSec now allows live migrations of its VAs from one server to another with zero downtime, and automatically optimizes and allocates entire pools of resources for optimal hardware utilization.

The new integrated solution will further protect enterprise networks and corporate devices against east-west attacks and the spreading of advanced malware in the corporate network from device to device.

The combined security platform provides additional layers of security by combining advanced endpoint scans by Gears with PFU’s unique multi-directional malware detection.

“This partnership will provide a powerful solution to enforce that devices on the network are secure, protected and compliant. We are looking forward to working with PFU Systems to deliver the joint solution to customers.” said Tom Mullen, Vice President of Business Development at OPSWAT.

PFU has teamed up with Cyphort, the Adaptive Detection Fabric (ADF) company, to release an integrated solution that provides greater endpoint visibility and higher defense against the most sophisticated threats that continue to affect businesses with evolving techniques.

When Cyphort detects malware, iNetSec can automatically block the infected machine thus preventing further infection spread and stopping lateral communications.

The integrated solution creates a stronger layer of network visibility and defense that has insight into all network enabled devices and all network traffic vectors at ingress, through and within the network perimeter, and enables organizations to stop and contain threats by blocking connections for compromised devices – before data can be exfiltrated. The new integrated solution is easy to deploy and simple to manage.

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The iTAP program enables partners to deliver proven solutions by providing guidance, resources to test, integrate and certify joint solutions.

Overview: What Exactly is the iTAP Program?

The iTAP program has been designed to enable technology leaders to partner with iNetSec, a leader in network security, with thousands of deployments worldwide. Partners will be able to test, integrate, and certify the interoperability of their solutions and products with the iNetSec product line.

There are currently two levels of partnership available – “iTAP Partner” and “iTAP Premier Partner”.

Once the technology alliance partner has been accepted into the program and has passed the certification, we are committed to jointly promote the joint solution among our customers and channel partners.

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