Endpoint Inventory

Discovery and identification of all network connected devices.

Block Compromised Devices

Notification and near real-time block of compromised devices to avoid malware spread and callbacks.

Rapid Response

Rapid device-based response to security threats based on severity levels.

The Need

With cyberattacks escalating daily and IoT opening new doors for network vulnerabilities, organizations need new ways to detect advanced threats and to stop them before data is exfiltrated. An effective threat detection solution needs to analyze all network traffic vectors at ingress, through and within the network perimeter, and needs to focus also on endpoint devices often unseen when entering the perimeter. The threat response is as well a crucial security element because if you react fast to an alert, you have better chances to stop an attack.

The Solution

Cyphort and iNetSec integrate seamlessly to provide a multi-layer defense of the network from the most advanced and targeted hack-attacks at the network perimeter and inside the network. Cyphort’s innovative Adaptive Detection Fabric is a scalable software solution designed to integrate with existing security tools to discover and contain the advanced threats that bypass the first line of security defense in an organization. iNetSec, next-gen endpoint visibility and access control, immediately responds to different security levels from Cyphort with a specific device-based action. iNetSec manages both the wireless and the wired endpoint devices on the network without using agent software and has the ability to identify and block devices for which Cyphort reveals high severity threat level, therefore compromised. iNetSec automatically disconnects them from the corporate network to avoid further malware propagation across the network and callbacks. iNetSec can be configured to just monitor the network for lower level alerts and inform the IT admin about the devices involved. The iNetSec centralized Manager User Interface keeps track and shows the history of alerts per device.

Dave ZinsmanCyphort Integration