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Finding a Solution for Endpoint Compliance Security to Comply with Regulation and Policy

by kv2016 on October 17, 2016 Comments Off on Finding a Solution for Endpoint Compliance Security to Comply with Regulation and Policy

It is undeniable that any devices that can be connected to internet network will be vulnerable to get serious threats that may harm the device itself. There are so many hackers who want to exploit and hack your device and steal your data. Today, since there are so many devices that are connected to networks, some IT professionals try to deal with endpoint compliance security that ever before. Thus, you must need a network solution in which your IT staff will perform an immediate action to handle any issues.

There are several reasons that a company needs endpoint compliance. Some of them reasons are because most of the companies have more than 3000 malicious apps or unsafe apps that are installed in the device of the users, external hacking is getting increased since 2014, the failure of basic security test on 75% of mobile apps, some IT managers may need properly managed endpoint from unpatched potentially infected devices that have been growing up in which they need to enforce endpoint compliance.

iNetSec Solution

Anyone can use iNetSec in order to maintain the endpoint compliance easily. In this case, you only need a dedicated security appliance by placing the band on the network which is so simple to give real-time visibility to the endpoints for network accessing. It is different from the other systems that only can send a notification to the admin, but the iNetSec will let you enforce automatic policy-based access control.

The functionality of iNetSec can be explained as follows:

View: It offers an important function in order to find any devices at the moment they are connected to your network and of course it will automatically detect it so you are no need device knowledge. It collects all of the aspects concerning to the location, endpoint, and knows who are on the network. In this case, it will classify apps, users, devices, and operating system as well as monitor the managed device continuously as well as the other endpoints.

Control: It also can handle the high-risk endpoints and other threats that may make your system down. In this case, you will have a right to limit the network access as well as the security policy. Here you will be able to control and monitor any devices connected according to your security policies or any regulations or governed agency. It will help any companies to demonstrate the endpoint compliance with the company regulation.

Real-Time: iNetSec can handle real-time endpoint compliance data as well as it can work on patch management, antivirus, and other vulnerability support product to reduce windows vulnerability as well as automatic system threat response and allow you enforcing unified network security policy. So, an IT department can manage the data security and flow easily and well because it will detect anything that is connected to the network. Besides, it will also allow you to check and control a strange activity that occurs in any aspects.

kv2016Finding a Solution for Endpoint Compliance Security to Comply with Regulation and Policy

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