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iNetSec is an advanced internal security appliance, simple to install and use but very powerful when it comes to securing your network

One Sensor appliance and one Manager Computer is the minimum configuration. The Manager software is in stalled on Windows Server OS. Chart software can run on any PC as a standard application.
Smart Finder can manage up to 250 IP segments. One Sensor can manage up to 16 IP segments and one Manager can manage up to 250 IP segments by using multiple sensors.
Smart Finder can manage up to 10,000 endpoint devices. One Sensor can manage up to 3,000 endpoint devices (1,000 concurrently). One Manager can manage up to 10,000 endpoint devices by using multiple sensors.

In that case, it’s recommended to use two Managers and to operate two separate systems.

In that situation the system would keep working, however the accuracy of the results is not guaranteed and is unpredictable. It’s recommended to work with a system with up to 10,000 endpoint devices. It is possible to see
this situation in the Event Viewer Window of the Manager and in the Windows Event Log of Manager Computer.
The Sensor would behave in the same way if the number of devices exceeded the limit of 3,000
iNetSec Smart Finder controls only IP segments where Sensors are deployed, and it cannot manage IP segments not covered by a Sensor. Make sure to deploy Sensors in IP segments that you would like to manage with iNetSec Smart Finder.

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