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iNetSec FireEye edition is one of Network World’s Products of the Week

iNetSec + FireEye Integration

  • Network Visibility: discovers all network devices and their application activities and controls their network access for threat prevention. Onboard/allow only authorized endpoints on the corporate network.
  • Respond when and where it matters: next-generation threat visibility discovers advanced network attacks and protects against the latest threats at every point possible—perimeter, subnets, corporate endpoints and BYOD – and at every stage – intrusion, lateral movement, and exfiltration.
  • Prevent the spread of attacks: intelligent access-control enforcements block compromised devices and prevents them from accessing and exploring the network, rapidly stopping the hacker from extracting data from other targeted devices.

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FireEye NX Series detects malicious activity and generates alarms that iNetSec Smart Finder can ingest to then automate the appropriate, immediate action such as block the device from the network or force it to operate from a policy-hardened exception server. Both actions eliminate the endpoint’s ability to cause harm to the corporate network.

In addition to blocking the device from the network, the integration prevents further lateral communications originating from any compromised endpoint that targets other endpoints on the network. This prevents malicious machine-to-machine communications from taking place inside the enterprise.

FireEye NX Series detects and blocks malicious activity trying to make its way onto the corporate network. iNetSec Smart Finder detects and blocks malicious or unusual internal network traffic, thereby preventing the transfer or exfiltration of business information headed a command and control server, an Internet-based data repository, or even a malicious or unsuspecting insider.

As FireEye NX Series detects malicious activity on the network, it generates alarms that the iNetSec device can process, alerting it to one or more compromised endpoints residing on the network. iNetSec automatically blocks the compromised endpoints, preventing them from accessing the network, shutting down traffic coming from that device altogether. Individually, each technology delivers critical network and endpoint defense and access control enforcement. Together, they offer an integrated solution that ensures malicious traffic coming in to the network, spreading to other vulnerable endpoints inside the network, and leaving the perimeter of the enterprise are all prohibited.

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