Endpoint Device Visibility, Compliance Assessment, and Network Access Control

Network Security Solution with Endpoint Focus

A seamless ‘right out of the box’ solution created to protect organizations’ internal networks by combining all the features of iNetSec Agentless Network Visibility and Access Control Appliance with an Endpoint Compliance Agent to monitor corporate devices even when they leave the network perimeter. This solution saves you from the headaches of configuring and deploying separate solutions to proactively protect both your network access by controlling all the devices attached to it and continuously monitor the corporate devices, even when they go outside the network.

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Device Visibility and Network Access Control

Gain visibility of all network endpoint devices, both wireless and wired, without having to install a monitoring software on them because many devices just can’t have an agent. Discover corporate asset, personal devices, BYOD, IoT and even your infrastructure. Automatically get full identification of all devices and their application activities. Then create and enforce network access control policies per network segment in order to prevent unwanted or unauthorized access. Automatically prevent unwanted actors from using network connections.

Device Compliance Enforcement

While you control all your endpoints agentlessly, you need to monitor your corporate devices at all times even when they leave the network to protect their digital asset and to make sure they are always compliant. Control corporate devices optionally with Metadefender Endpoint Management (MEM) agent at all times even when they leave the network to make sure they are always compliant, especially when they come back to the corporate network. Block network access of controlled endpoints if they don’t meet compliancy anymore. Continuously gain unique enterprise-wide view of endpoint posturing and vulnerability assessment.

11 Configurable Compliance Categories

  • Unwanted Apps
  • OS Updates
  • User Authentication
  • Hard Drive Space
  • Infections
  • Antiphishing
  • Anti-malware/AV
  • Backup Status
  • Disk Encryption
  • Firewall
  • Patch Mgmt. Agent

Ransomware Protection

iNetSec SCS greatly improves ransomware detection and prevention via Metadefender Endpoint Management (MEM) by ensuring that endpoints have the required security posture and are malware free before being allowed to connect to the network. This not only significantly decreases the chance that the endpoints are infected by ransomware, MEM also ensures that if an endpoint does become infected, the ransomware attack can be contained on the endpoint and prevented from propagating across the network.

Malware Detection and Real-Time AV Protection

MEM can check that endpoints have the corporate approved antivirus installed and up-to-date with real-time protection enabled. But relying on a single anti-malware engine is no longer sufficient for high-security networks. Constant targeting by attackers, with advanced threats, and the skyrocketing growth of malware, necessitates defense in depth. MEM can run daily endpoint scans on their entire system with additional 30+ AV engines from leading antivirus vendors. In case the local antivirus solution missed the malware, scanning with multiple engines as well as leveraging heuristics from many AV vendors to detect possible malicious code greatly increases the malware detection rate.

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Supported endpoint agent’s operating systems:

Windows (XP – Windows 10), Windows Server (2008 – 2012 R2), OS X (10.8 Mountain Lion & newer), iOS (7.0 & newer), Linux (Debian/Ubtuntu & CentOS/RedHat), Android (4.1) Jellybean & newer, Additional open source support

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