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Product Stats

• Visibility and Classification of all wired and wireless IP-enabled devices connected to LAN’s and WLAN’s

• Up to 6,000 devices supported per sensor (3,000 concurrent)

• Three Ethernet ports

• Automatic authorization for approved devices ( Whitelist)

• Blocking process for unauthorized devices (Blacklist)

• Captive Portal and Authorization workflow features

• Independent access control management by IP segments

  • Layer 7 application visualization and usage over the network
  • Visibility of application bandwidth usage per device
  • Blocking policies for unauthorized apps assigned by IP segment
  • Large application dictionary: media-streaming, P2P file sharing, social networking, email and others

• Detection of advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks via remote access Trojans (RAT)

• Automatic and immediate blocking of infected devices

• Behavioral based detection, not signature based

• Analysis of real-time internal network traffic, not sandbox based

• Notifications via E-mail/SMTP for selected events

• Central graphic interface management even with multiple location deployment

• Web-based interface management for ease of access

• About 2 hour deployment time*

• No agent software required on devices

• Not in-line installation means no network downtime,
no network disruption

• Multiple VLAN management per single sensor to cover wider networks

• Two operation modes: Monitoring and blocking to facilitate phased deployment

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