Key Benefits

  • Device Visibility and Compliance: iNetSec SCS gives visibility of all network devices and their application activities and controls their network access by assessing policy compliance and host health. Onboard/allow only authorized and non-compromised endpoints on the corporate network.
  • Advanced Malware Protection: Continuous monitoring for endpoint infections in conjunction with the iNetSec network behavior traffic analysis ensures machine victims of known malware and unknown RAT are automatically blocked, preventing infection spread and APT attack-driven exfiltrations.
  • Device policy enforcement: Endpoint policies include presence of Metadefender Endpoint agent on corporate devices, host health assessments via the agent, device identification and VLAN based network access control to automatically prevent unwanted actors from using network connections.

Security and Compliance Enforced in Concert

Automatically Enforces Compliance

Access control policies are enforced together at the endpoint and on the network, completely automating compliance for a variety of regulatory concerns—such as HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI-DSS

Keeps the Network Safe at All Levels

Picking up where antivirus products cannot detect and cannot remediate; the behavioral-based solution automatically identifies network exploration and data exfiltration activity.

Business Data Protection

Automated policy enforcement prevents the unauthorized use of systems and network resources that could lead to the extraction of sensitive business data

Establishing A Solid Security Posture While Maintaining The Required Level Of Compliance

The unique combination of Gears and iNetSec Smart Finder technologies allows IT Administrators to minimize their exposure to a breach while helping to keep their systems and networks in compliance with a variety of regulatory and industry requirements.

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