Traffic Analysis

Analysis of communication traffic inbound, outbound and across the network (p2p)

Rapid Response

Rapid device-based response to security threats based on severity levels

Central Control

Centralized manager UI for networks with multiple subnets and locations

The Need

Hack attacks are evolving their methodologies at an impressive speed and therefore have proven more and more successful. A reason of their success is that legacy threat detection technologies may be falling behind attackers tactics but most importantly the threat response is not rapid enough to contain the threat once it has been identified within the network perimeter. iNetSec integrates with Palo Alto WildFire™ Next-gen Firewall and protects networks by capturing security alerts from WildFire™ and respond with the a near real time device-based threat mitigation.

The Solution

Palo Alto WildFire™ Next-gen Firewall and iNetSec next-gen endpoint visibility and access control integrate seamlessly to provide a multi-layer defense of the network from the most advanced and targeted hack-attacks at the network perimeter and inside the network iNetSec immediately responds to different security levels from Palo Alto WildFire™ with a specific device-based action. iNetSec manages both the wireless and the wired endpoint devices on the network without using agent software and has the ability to identify and block devices for which Palo Alto WildFire™ reveals critical or high severity threat level, therefore compromised. iNetSec automatically disconnects them from the corporate network to avoid further malware propagation across the network and callbacks. For lower severity alerts iNetSec can be configured to just monitor the network and send alerts containing with the information of the devices. The iNetSec centralized User Interface also keeps track and shows the history of all Palo Alto alerts per device, from mild to severe.

Dave ZinsmanPalo Alto Integration